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Get Smart and 

Get Paid on the go!

No more stress and high transaction fees when collecting cross-border micro payments.


GetPaidex is a payments platform that addresses major pain points in the travel industry. 
With a highly fragmented ecosystem of intermediaries and service providers, there are lots of small payments (micro payments) to be 
exchanged between parties which hitherto are economically not viable to be cleared through the world’s banking system.

Free Membership
You can freely assign a maximum of three account managers at no cost, depending on your business needs.

Save Money and time
Don't pay more! The GetPaidex service fee is only US$1* for each transaction and follows real-time in-app exchange rates. Money received will be ready to collect the next business day. 

Best Security
Direct deposit payments can be initiated by the customer (the payer) without the need for an account number.

GetPaidex is a cross-border payment gateway designed for Travel Industry. 
By making the entire payment process faster and more efficient, merchants reduce costs 
and collect micro payments from overseas business.
Expand Market Globally

with payment now guaranteed, our customers can now expand their market globally, merchants can now accept any transactions from anywhere and get paid instantly.

Sources Globally

merchants can also source their suppliers globally and choose the best suppliers for their products as they can now make payment anywhere and not restricted to those countries that accept high cost payments

Building TRUST

with a seamless payment gateway, trust can be established quickly and breaking down the barriers of doing business with your counterparts

Grow Your Business with Optimize Inventory

traditionally merchants need to have inventory held up while waiting for payments, with GetPaidex merchants can now free up their inventory as payment is made upfront, merchants can now do more business with same inventory level

Anytime. Everywhere. 

Business life is fast-paced and unpredicatable. Getpaid knows that businesses are always in need of robust and reliable tools to help save time and money, which is why we want to help you by making your payments simple, low-cost, and hassle free. Send or recieve payments from anywhere, at anytime! Getpaid provides both mobile and web applications for maximum coverage. Take your accounts with you, track your daily spending, send an invoice, make a payment, deposit to your account, or cash out. All from the comfort of your home, office, or on the go!.


Getpaid is built in the cloud, allowing for robust and fast service worldwide.


Getpaid has done all of the heavy lifting by integrating with banking partners.


Getpaid adheres to all banking regulations in its jurisdictions of operation.


Direct deposit payments can be initiated by the customer (the payer) without the

  • Payments


    • Create and send in-app invoices for money requests quickly from Getpaidex app, and let customer make payment with just a click to the designated email link within time limited. We provide electronic transfers globally from bank accounts to bank accounts.

  • Payments


    No more waiting. Sometimes it can take days or weeks to settle payments. However, Getpaid leverages distributed ledger technology to allow payments to settle safely and securely in seconds.

  • Global Payment Method

    Global Currency and Payment Method Accepted: Payment can be made in worldwide mainstream currencies and methods.

Get your Prepaid Card

With GetPaid MasterCard you'll be able to transfer your money straight to your card and use it all over the world.

Massive Dynamic

We take pride in delivering Intelligent Designs and Engaging Experiences for clients all over the World.

Massive Dynamic

We take pride in delivering Intelligent Designs and Engaging Experiences for clients all over the World.

Meet the team

Our team consists of cross-boarder payment veterans, experienced marketers, and tech geeks
committed to
provide a fast, secure and convenient app for SME users to get paid. Stay with us!
David brings with him a wealth of connections within the travel and tourism trade, strong relationship with both regional and international media
David Leung
Founder & CEO
Margaret is responsible for developing and maintaining market awareness and obtaining media coverage
Margaret Chak
Founder & CMO
is a Team Lead and Architect with extensive knowledge in project management, pre-sales reinforced by in-depth software development and technical background.
Artak Vardanov
Technology Evangelist